Function of PASB

Functions of PASB :-

1.     Administration and Budgetary Control of Provincial ASB Dtes and District Armed Services Boards.

2.     Facilitate Rehabilitation, Re-settlement and Re-employment of Ex-Svcmen. 

3.     Handle all Pension related affairs of Ex-Svcmen and Widows / Families of Shuhada / Deceased.

4.     Assist Ex-Svcmen in availing various Welfare Initiatives of the Govt / Services.

5.     Redressal of Petitions / Complaints of Ex-Svcmen.

6.     Liaison with Civil Administration for all possible assistance for Ex-Svcmen in their civil matters.

7.     Verification of Documents of Ex-Svcmen.

8.     Facilitate apprehension of AWOL Cases / Deserters.

9.     Assist in Calling Up of Reservists.

10.   Membership of World Veterans Federation, France and Royal Commonwealth Ex-Services 

 League (RCEL), UK.

11.    Administration of Veterans Messes (VMs) spread all over the country.