Function of PASB

Functions of PASB

The basic functions of Pakistan Armed Services Board are as under:-

1.      Welfare and facilitate rehabilitation of Ex-Servicemen.

2.      Maintain close and effective liaison for the purpose of resettlement and maximizing employment of ex-servicemen with relevant ministries, divisions, departments and all

         private welfare bodies and organizations.

3.      Facilitate rehabilitation, re-settlement and re-employment of Ex-servicemen in coordination with services Headquarters.

4.      Administration, organization and Budgetary control of National, Provincial and District Armed Services Boards.

5.      Regulations and Conduct of Ex-Servicemen Associations in consultation with working committee including process of NOC after getting approval from Working Committee

         for registration of any such organization.

6.      Regulate activities for Ex-Servicemen consultation with working committee other than to one being dir managed by respective services on national occasions / at provincial / 

         District level holding of ex-servicemen’s re-unions, rallies, combined forces Flag Days, in Consultation with respect services.

7.      Represent PASB at International Veteran Federations and Associations.

8.      Pursue petitions and complaints of ex-servicemen in coordination with services Headquarters.

9.      Facilitation of serving Armed Forces personnel in their civil capacity through coordination, assistance of National, Provincial and District administration.

10.    Arrange skill training including State sponsored training courses, vocational training programs, Job counseling and self-employment for ex-servicemen.

11.    Or any other matter ancillary to the above functions.