Objectives.  The Department has earmarked following Objectives to achieve realize its envisioned Mission:- 

a.      Promoting a culture of compassion towards our clients and performance of duties with a high level of integrity / sense of responsibility.

b.      Ensuring courteous and efficient Service Delivery in all offices.

c.       Achieving an absolute corruption free working environment.

d.       Inculcation of a sense of ownership, pride and dignity in the employees towards their Deptt and assigned mandate.

e.       Building a good, efficient, honest and competent team with desired level of motivation, dedication and compassion.

f.        Promote welfare of Ex-Servicemen and their Families. 

g.       Assist / Facilitate in Rehabilitation / Resettlement of  Ex-Servicemen and their Families / NoK in their civil life.

h.       Safe guard the interests of Ex-Servicemen and their Families in matters dealt with by the Civil Authorities.

i.        Promote and maintain good CMR while keeping within our given mandate.